About Us

Microsoft Silver Partner

DewMaker Design's Silver Partner certification is Microsoft's acknowledgement of our proven track record in delivering outstanding business solutions. To achieve Silver Partner certification, DewMaker Design demonstrates superior levels of expertise and consistency in the following competencies: Application Integration, Application Development, and Cloud Platforms.

Since DewMaker Design was founded over a decade ago in Seattle, we have focused on developing new and innovative business solutions. We leverage cloud technology services to drive business process efficiencies and slash downtime, we specialize in custom designed applications to help kick new life into your business and elevate productivity and profitability. With our certification as a Microsoft Silver Partner, the DewMaker Design team is doubling down on our commitment to delivering excellent, cost-effective business solutions that will drive the outcomes your organization values the most.

Whatever you're looking for in a 
technology provider, we can help:

Application Development 

apps for the web or native mobile by a team of experts

IT Solutions

 stop letting technology restrict the growth of your business and free yourself up by outsourcing to us

Industry Support

our years of experience and diverse group of clients mean we can cater to your specific requirements

Find out how having DewMaker Design as your trusted technology partner could be the boost your business needs.

Why DewMaker Design?

The trusted technology provider you know you need

If you're on the hunt for a technology partner to ease the pain of innovation and release you to focus on your core business, then DewMaker Design is for you. For more than a decade we have the been experience you seek in a trusted partner that you know you can rely on. Our focus is firmly on delivering solutions that meet your long-term business needs, and we do so quickly and at a fair price.

DewMaker Design's team of qualified experts combine years of industry knowledge and experience with a genuine dedication to finding solutions that exceed our clients expectations and help them to achieve long-term business goals. It's no wonder we've worked with companies as diverse and prestigious as Microsoft, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and British Telecom.

When you choose DewMaker Design as your 
trusted technology provider, you can count on:


over a decade in the business means our skills are unmatched; we handle the tech so you can focus on your business.


our staff are trained and practiced to ensure we bring you progressive technologies that drive your business forward.


we are dedicated to ensuring that your business solutions are designed uniquely for your needs and that they will help you meet your future goals.

Don't go at it alone - trust DewMaker Design to take your business to new levels.